Forum Avatars (Help With Size)

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Forum Avatars (Help With Size)

Postby Tsumoru » Thu Jan 28, 2016 12:23 pm

Hello Forum Dwellers!

I found out that the max size for forum avatars is 90 x 90 pixels and only 6KiB (Kibibyte) which is relatively the same as a kilobyte. Thus, I went around looking for people with avatars and found that even the people who run the forums don't have avatars!!!

Well, I had difficulty finding a way to shrink my wanted avatar down to 6KiB... 90x90px was no problem, but the size of the file at that size of a file is hard to achieve!

Here is what small solution I do have to offer:

1. Go to

2. Once you upload your image
- select "Fixed Aspect Ratio" and make it 1:1 - click "Change"
- on the uploaded image, click and drag to create a crop box. make sure you have the highlighted crop square located on the part of the image that you want your avatar to be. click "select" and then "crop". it will take a second to load the new cropped image.
- once you have everything set, make sure you have the correct rotation.

3. Resized Image size
-You'll want to make sure that when you select the size of the new avatar, the "Keep aspect ratio" check-box is checked.
- If you want a transparent background on your avatar make sure to select Transparent in this step.

when you select the output image format, you'll want either JPG or PNG. PNG supports transparent backgrounds. this is more commonly used in web design and is fit for web use. JPG is your good old fashioned all around image filetype.
If you choose PNG:
- choose "Lossy Compression". The avatar will turn out fine, it's just a way of getting the file size REAAALLY TINY... which is what we want.

If you choose JPG:
- choose "Normal Compression". you shouldn't have to bring the image quality down below 95% and it SHOULD be enough to keep the ending file size below 6KiB..
- if "Normal Compression" doesn't work, try "Progressive Compression".

5. Click "Resize Image" and download your juicy spoils of digital warfare.

If the ending avatar file size isn't below 6KiB, then try and fiddle with the quality bar. click "resize image" each time to see what the resulting file will turn out to be.

Well, I hope to see more avatars out there! :) thanks!
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Re: Forum Avatars

Postby Tsumoru » Thu Jan 28, 2016 12:27 pm

Truthfully, the site is relatively intuitive compared to the top ranking image resizing sites. I made this mainly because the other sites won't make the file size below 6KiB...

If I find another site worthy of using, I'll link it here...

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