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Re: Fusion Cauldron: A Proposal

Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 6:39 am
by Mitrax
Maydae wrote:If you have mastered all of the blueprints, have all of the quest trophies and have your "super duper gear" as a previous poster mentioned, what makes you think that the developer has some sort of obligation to you to come up with something else for you to do in perpetuity? SMH

playing more than 18 month:
- BP's are round about 50%, the rest needs more time to be done
- super gear:
> try to calculate time to fuse for mythical+0 > frustrating !!!!
> try to calculate time to fuse for mythical+10 > your are death until done :oops:

To hold people to play, each game, mobile or not, needs to be updated whith new content. Some new content was added. But the upgraded fusion cauldron does not influence the time needed to fuse super gear. With new mythical+10 the time was increased in such unreal way, nobody can reach one usefull item to make +10 ! The bug increases the "normal" way of fuse harder than before. 1 month gone without hotfix. :evil: :evil: :evil: Im stock on fusing my lvl 48+ items without FLLL-Fusing. I lost 5 items 48+ and really a lot of time of this display error on fusion cauldron :evil: :evil: :evil:

Do you think, thats the way people will stay ??? I dont think so ! Missing or a slow support will kill each game!

I really want a reachable equipment within 6 month. (2 years of gaming to reach "max" (working skills @myth+0) , show me the game you need such a long time!)

With the new myth+10 i cant understand, why skills have to work @myth!