Museum / Storage System - Crafted Item Collection

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Museum / Storage System - Crafted Item Collection

Postby holy » Sun Dec 03, 2017 10:53 pm

I noticed we all like to make and keep items such as Epic/Legendary/Mythical,
but are forced to sell them due to lack of space.
each higher tier would require more precrafts thus limiting the space we have further.

I myself like to collect the strongest variation of an item.

How can we access this feature:
A new Menu option on the main screen.

What this feature will do:
This feature will store 1 desired entity of an item of each type.

[Sword]: [Shortsword][Longsword][Broadsword]...
[Axe]: [Hand Axe] [Iron Axe] [Broad Axe] ...

Each bracket will allow storing of 1 item of this Category/Type, which can be replaced if needed.

By clicking on the [Shortsword] card i would get a list of my currently owned Shortswords to select from.
If the spot already contains a Shortsword it would go back to the inventory.

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Re: Museum / Storage System - Crafted Item Collection

Postby alanx » Mon Dec 04, 2017 2:52 am

From my understanding, the chests, cupboards and shelves are basically "storage" that decide the total inventory space which currently caps at 720.

I would certainly like it to be extended to 1000 if possible but having yet another storage system seems unnecessary at least to me.

The other thing I want is the same filters available in the tradehouse to filter items based on level & quality to be available for inventory and blueprint views as well. I think that kind of caters to a general requirement without requiring a new system.

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Re: Museum / Storage System - Crafted Item Collection

Postby Shiroe » Mon Dec 04, 2017 5:25 am

In a roundabout way something like what is described in the topic starter already exists: the "Arena Set" of the 15-20 heroes you never use in arena can be used to stash items, which should give you a museum to store about 1-10 items from each item line. (depending on the item preferences of the unused heroes)
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