Progressive Abilities

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Progressive Abilities

Postby peteypie99 » Sat Nov 25, 2017 7:34 am

It would be neat if items had like.. Healer 1 at Legendary and then it changes to Healer 2 at mythical.

Or even, healer 1 at legendary, revive 1 at mythical (related abilities that get the stronger version later)

I think if you found a way to lower the barrier of entry of some of the higher end items in your packs, you might sell more things. And yay for making more money.

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Re: Progressive Abilities

Postby alanx » Mon Dec 04, 2017 11:13 pm

Well, there usually exists a lower level item with a lower tier skill. While the idea of progressing skills seems like fun, it would actually reduce overall demand and endgame activity since in many cases, high level gears with a leg skill of any tier is usually adequate since it can be used on multiple heroes in the team. The end-game idea is to make it difficult and even mid game has hardly any myth requirements since your heroes will keep leveling as you invest or quest thus making many gears obsolete. Honestly, I think its fine the way things are but it would be nice if certain outliers were fixed : example: the scavenger 3 at mythical on the level40 shield in the Jack pack is kind of weird. They could have made it scav 2 at leg.

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