Deceived by Deception

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Deceived by Deception

Postby bowloftoast » Sat Sep 02, 2017 10:39 am

Hey Darkis, a little message to pass on to the devs...

I recently purchased the summer extension packs, worked my way (at my pace) through one of the lines to the level 54 Deception Scroll. A few notes on this bp:

- It's tough to make. It's one of these fl pre-precraft to get the fl precraft required, and the fuse times on these precrafts are awfully high, so it's a heck of a grind just to craft one
- it's a lengthy craft once you grind out the precraft. With my current set-up, 5+ hours to make one Deception scroll, until the first-round time reduction, and even then, 3+ hours
- It requires 2x rare resources (aragonite) that are only attainable via raid (and vary occasionally, a red bag). Three rounds in, that drops to 1, but still. Once a player's stash of these rares is depleted, the only option is TH, where the price of one aragonite is currently 3 times the price of the final crafted item. So, after a point, you're limited to making one of these a week, give or take.
- The skill is available only a myth levels. Not uncommon, but another raising of the bar on an already very, very difficult item to produce.
- And, the coup de grace...The fusion times are obscene. I recently attempted to fuse 3 greats into a flawless, and found it's a 7 day make a flawless. Most myths in this game can be fused in 7 days. Out of curiosity, I asked the SH-bot how long it would take to fuse 5x legs to myth: Answer, 16 days. That's half a month of fusion with only a 63% chance of success, and that, my friends, is a complete scam.

Now, I understand there is a desire to slow some of these items down. I understand that some have abused the cauldron in past, and, some players are perched atop mountains of gems and able to bypass a lot of the fuse times. For the rest of us, however, who are paying good money for these bps it would be nice to be able to actually *make* them at a rate that justifies the money spent, and in this case, it doesn't.

There needs to be a reasonable balance between what the devs are clearly trying to prevent with these absurd crafting/fusing requirements, and what those of us spending our real dollars are getting in terms of value/craftability of bps.

If this is the future of pack items, I can guarantee you, this is the last pack I buy. These guys need to go back to the drawing board on this item, and re-balance it.

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