End-Game Use For Crown Jewels

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End-Game Use For Crown Jewels

Postby Abqu » Tue May 16, 2017 10:09 am

I know this suggestion is going to be very narrow, probably focused on the top 30-50 cities, so I freely admit the time to implement vs content received is narrow, and as such, unlikely.

We're coming up on a year since PvP has been released, and a year since Crown Jewels were added. If there is no plan to use them for more content in the future, I offer up my humble and probably bad idea -- temporary buildings.

Once a city is completely upgraded, extra buildings or building enhancements could take effect, at the cost of CJs.

A "Wandering Merchant" Building, that expires after 24 hours, and costs 3000 Crown Jewels to activate. This Merchant would offer various wares for sale, perhaps including:
- Blueprint Fragments for 5 million gold each
- 150 Gems, purchasable for 1G, one time purchase per building activation (6.67m per gem), requires L50 to buy
- 1,000 Gems, purchasable for 5G, one time purchase per building activation (5m per gem), requires L55 to buy
- Three random blueprints from Magic+ chests, available for fragments
- recolored versions of popular decor, at their standard gem prices

I also straight ripped off another idea, linked below.
- 24 Hour Upgrade to Forge, 1000 Crown Jewels -- Giant gains exp through boosting
- 24 Hour Upgrade to Trader's Square, 1000 Crown Jewels -- Jack Of All Trades gains exp through boosting
- 24 Hour Upgrade to Thief's Hideout, 1000 Crown Jewels -- Lorelei gains exp through boosting
- 24 Hour Upgrade to School Of Magic, 1000 Crown Jewels -- Charles gains exp through boosting

Thanks to voh, for this suggestion, which needs more attention -- viewtopic.php?f=7&t=8397&p=41645&sid=762cc4b601c1707534a93cc5d4c081e9#p41645

Thanks to other stream viewers, for helping form this idea.

Thanks for reading!

edit: added level requirements to purchase gems, blah blah multiaccount blah blah

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Re: End-Game Use For Crown Jewels

Postby Prometheus » Tue May 16, 2017 10:43 am

I love this idea, would bring a new use for CJ for cities that are fully upgraded through CJ! Also, I love the minimum level requirements idea because it would deal with the multiaccounting problem for this specific idea.

Leveling pack heroes/workers through gold and CJ is a great thing, even if it's an exorbitant amount of gold per XP point.

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Re: End-Game Use For Crown Jewels

Postby Kim! » Tue May 16, 2017 11:45 am

I like part 1 but I'm not too sure on using crown jewels to boost pack content, in most cities I'm guessing there's a big mix of f2p/1-2 packs/all packs. Everyone contributes to crown jewels stash but those sorts of boosts might only benefit a small group of players within the city. Maybe add that the regular workers/heroes get extra xp in addition to pack ones getting it or something, that way the boosts can help everyone.

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Re: End-Game Use For Crown Jewels

Postby VeNoM0619 » Tue May 16, 2017 11:59 am

Agree with Kim on not using them for paid content. Someone previously posted that the paid content boosts should already be in the buildings (just like the other workers/heroes) which makes more sense.

I am currently in the top 20 cities, and we still haven't finished upgrading everything (only 2-3k crowns left though, so 2-3 weeks).
I don't know what the average crown income of a city is, but I would much rather prefer allowing us to use crowns to just boost the buildings instead of spending money on them, or allowing a "double" boost (probably not double for the skills, but something extra).

It's usually only a few people who donate to them, and isn't fair to them, but while I'm on that topic, allowing the boosts to go past 24 hours or something too (so the mayor can take a holiday still) in both the normal, and the crown boosting.

Also, NOT locking out these boosts until everything is upgraded, but instead, when a building is upgraded (with crowns), the capability to double boost is allowed. So even newer cities get immediate access to this content.

The wandering merchant idea sounds interesting, but the items would be useless sadly. The gems/frags/key trader might be interesting however. One thing we can all agree on, is a permanent use for this crown currency.

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