Looking for lot's of Ideas and Feedback!

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Looking for lot's of Ideas and Feedback!

Postby cc_Darkis » Tue Apr 25, 2017 12:38 pm

Hey guys,

Please leave me the crazy ideas and feedback that I always see in world chat, in a posting. I'd really like to have it looked at and see what we can pick and pull to add in for the game.

Also feel free to add to some of the amazing threads and discussions already on the board.

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Re: Looking for lot' of Ideas and Feedback!

Postby Abqu » Tue Apr 25, 2017 12:46 pm

okay so what if you like, had a chicken pet that followed you around but instead of a beak it had a laser and instead of feet it had tank treads, you know, the ones that like to rip up E3 convention centers, but then you have a laser chicken tank so what would you do with it, well thats easy



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Re: Looking for lot's of Ideas and Feedback!

Postby DeeDee » Tue Apr 25, 2017 12:52 pm

80% of the primal items are useless. Strength-modifying skills are worthless in the scheme of things. Would be nice to replace those skills with something that is actually useful.

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Re: Looking for lot's of Ideas and Feedback!

Postby litari » Tue Apr 25, 2017 12:53 pm

Just thought of this. First, TL;DR:

City offers


I'm currently close to cap on almost all mats and I feel like it would be a waste to just keep questing @ cap. I'll help out in global trade, but I want to help my city mates first.

As it is now I have to post in city-chat saying "Hey, put up a req for any mat and I'll fill it". Instead, I could just put the mats (or items or whatever) up for trade and anyone in the city could grab it if they need it. Same goes for wooden/iron/leather chests and the occational items that I don't care about.
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Re: Looking for lot's of Ideas and Feedback!

Postby albijoe » Tue Apr 25, 2017 1:00 pm

I would like to see item level every time an item shows. It already does in Trade House; I'd like to see that same little level shield in the top corner when trading to a hero, when equipping a hero, in inventory and when fusing items.

The item level is very important to what you are going to do, such as equipping or fusing. Hitting the little "?" button is an extra step that wouldn't have to happen as often; removing the need to hit that button would be especially nice for the mobile users that might miss and press the item by mistake.

Related, mobile users could probably use a larger "?" button :)

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Re: Looking for lot's of Ideas and Feedback!

Postby Kim! » Tue Apr 25, 2017 1:26 pm

I'm usually against major changes before they're in the game and I'm forced to like them, so I won't comment on big ideas ;)

But I'd like to see a lot of smaller QoL improvements... some that come to mind:
  • Ability to filter our inventory/cauldron lists by quality and level, like we can for trade
  • Delete button in the cauldron and on trade (I always see worthless junk while scrolling)
  • A way to save quest teams for fast access (we could draw some mock-ups if staff is wondering what we'd like/what's important)
  • Ability to turn off exceptional craft pop ups below a certain quality, and maybe flash "good" or "great" in small text above the craft slot when it's collected
  • A way to collect all crafts quickly (it'd be awesome to click and drag like we can with the resource list)
  • Updated FAQ (pretty please?)
  • Some changes to world chat (longer chat history, easier to return to a specific chat after a crash, a way to type on mobile that doesn't block the whole screen, a way to PM people, etc etc)
  • An option to preview/visit another player's city from their profile would be pretty neat
  • A counter to show how many of each chest type has been opened (for the key trade rules)
  • An option to cancel quests, even if we only have a 5 minute window for it or something
  • When we accidentally use an epic (or a mythic, yikes) as a precraft and then cancel the craft, it downgrades the item to the required precraft quality. It'd be nice if we got back the quality we put in rather than burning the higher quality
  • A fast way to downgrade quality (like turning a good into a common) without pestering a citymate and 8 hour cooldowns
  • A button to lock all furniture so we don't accidentally move it while scrolling

Oh, and I miss the free hats. We used to get a cute little present every month but it kinda stopped last year :(

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Re: Looking for lot's of Ideas and Feedback!

Postby cc_Darkis » Tue Apr 25, 2017 2:45 pm

Awesome and the QoL stuff is something I'm really looking at to get pushed into the game in between the bigger projects.
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Re: Looking for lot's of Ideas and Feedback!

Postby bloop » Tue Apr 25, 2017 2:50 pm

have you tried reading my auction thread lot's and lot's of times

it's a self moderating gold sink what more do you want you piece of Unicorns

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Re: Looking for lot's of Ideas and Feedback!

Postby Wraith » Tue Apr 25, 2017 2:59 pm

1) Make it easier (faster) to fuse items so as to activate their skills.

Two problems:
A) Estimates by players on the forum say that it would take somewhere between 1.5 to 7 years to fuse enough mythical items to equip all your heroes fully (and that's only for one set of mythical items per hero; heroes can have a second set of gear for the arena). Obviously this is VERY long.

B) Additionally, many items with a skill require the item to be of mythical rarity for the skill to become active. So even if you only want items for their skills and you don't really care about mythical gear, you still have to fuse a lot of mythical gear just to use the skills.

Not only that, but the recipes found in monthly packages all require mythical rarity to activate their skills. So after spending $15 on a pack, players still need to spend several weeks of fusing items (grinding) in order to access the full content they bought (not to mention, skills are pretty much the only useful content in those packs). As someone who buys all the packages, I find this situation disappointing and I'm sure many package buyers feel the same. As for the recipes found in chests, they're so hard to unlock (due to keys being so rare) that it's also disappointing when you must fuse a mythical item to activate it's skill.

Here are some ideas to solve both problems. Not all of them need to be adopted, a single one of these solutions could be enough if it's properly implemented:

- Make it so all skills are activated before mythical rarity.

- Add more fusion slots (or another cauldron). The gem costs of these slots would probably need to be reduced otherwise they'd be prohibitively expensive for many players.

- Reduce fusion times for all items, or make fusion time inversely proportional to Mastery (i.e. more mastery = shorter fusion times)

- Make it so fusing 5 legendary items has a 100% success rate (currently the success rate is only 60%, with 100% chance of a mythical if the fusion succeeds).

- Make it so quest components can be added to the cauldron to make fusion faster or to increase the chance of success.

2) Add a feature to recycle items (item is destroyed, some resources are recovered). This would be great to get rid of low-level items without throwing them away entirely.

3) Add a feature to save team presets for quests, so we don't have to select each hero one at a time every time.

4) Add a feature to cancel a quest. Heroes return unharmed and rested, but no rewards.

5) On the quest reward screen, add a feature to discard item rewards immediately (instead of having to open the inventory and find the items).

6) Let us view the raid stats after the raid has ended (sometimes we want to see how much other players have contributed to the last raid after it's over). Better yet, add a menu where we can see the individual participation stats of city members for the last 4-12 raids.

7) Increase the drop chance of keys, or increase the chance of finding a recipe in a chest. Right now it takes FOREVER to unlock these recipes.

8) Adjust the gem costs of healing heroes, refilling resource bins, etc. The cost of these actions is ridiculously high and never worth it.

9) Change the confirmation button on refilling resources with gems: it's easy to double-tap by mistake and I almost wasted gems a few times by accident that way.

10) Make it so players can use the skill of an item without previously unlocking it's recipe. This would solve the issue of chest recipes being very hard to unlock, and as for packages it would allow even non-purchasers to use these items (i.e. fairness) and it would increase the value of the packages for buyers (i.e. more demand on the market for these items).

11) Add "Boost ALL heroes/workers/resources" buttons somewhere convenient, so that we may activate these boosts faster rather than boosting each building one at a time.

Additionally, add a button to boost the inn 3 times in one tap (the maximum amount for speeding up quests); sometimes when you tap the button to invest in a building, it doesn't seem to register. The animations play, making it look like it worked, but the money isn't spent and the boost doesn't activate. The only ways to tell it hasn't worked is a) notice that your gold didn't go down (doesn't really work once you have over 1G), b) notice that the boost timer didn't increase (not possible if already at max time) or c) go back to the inn and notice that the quest hasn't been sped up fully. A button to invest 3 times in the inn could help prevent that.

12) Display item levels in the crafting menu, without having to click on the tiny "(i)" button.

13) Remove the animation when you craft an item of better quality. It's an annoying waste of time. Maybe the item's rarity could be displayed directly in the crafting box?

14) Let us sell back cosmetic store decorations for the same amount of gems we bought them. I bought a few decorations I no longer want, I'd love to display other decorations instead. I don't feel like spending more gems decorating my store than I already have.

15) Make monthly packages available all year. You guys make new packages every month anyway. Why not let us buy them when we feel like it, instead of giving us a (very) limited 2 week time frame?

16) Retroactively add a 1% craft/quest bonus to every monthly package. Please? :mrgreen:

17) Starting October 2017, please release no more than one new monthly package (October 2016 is when Cloudcade started releasing 2 new monthly packages on top of the ones released in 2015). 2 packages per month is really expensive for recipe collectors :evil:

18) Display our total mastery in a menu somewhere.

19) If your artists are bored, please add multiple optional skins/colors for shop furniture. For example, I don't like red storage shelves, they don't fit well with my store, but they'd look nice in blue.

20) Let us display all shop furniture both indoor and outdoor. There's no gameplay reason for this limitation anyway, right?

21) Let us see the items currently being fused in the cauldron.

22) Let us change the shopkeeper's brown coat. The one that can't be removed or have it's color changed at all. Thank you!!

23) Add a slightly darker shade of brown hair for the shopkeeper. There's only pale/very light brown or dark brown. No "normal" brown :cry:

24) Please let us choose quest levels for quests after unlocking these levels. It sucks not being able to do a quest anymore because you beat the boss a little too soon.

25) Please adjust the XP bonus for heroes from buildings. The max level of nearly all heroes was increased in December, but some of them still only get a small 500k XP per investment despite now being able to reach level 40.

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Re: Looking for lot's of Ideas and Feedback!

Postby Feone » Tue Apr 25, 2017 9:40 pm

SImply browse back through the forum and look at all the threads?

My personal favorites:
Actually doing something with feedback.
Actually telling us what is being changed.
Faster or more reliable fusion for mythics.
A gem source so progression can be a bit less glacial.
Away with quality crafts popups. (You'll also found lots and lots of threads asking this :))

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