Approaching Roulette Differently

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Re: Approaching Roulette Differently

Postby Feone » Thu Apr 13, 2017 3:39 am

Shiroe wrote:I'm wondering if capping spin streak item quality bonus @ 5000 to either epic or flawless wouldn't have eliminated that "gemming for profit" without needing to change the odds in october 2016?

Things giving extra bonus spins would probably be hard to balance over different parts of progress. A high level doing 3K raid drops is easier than a lowe level doing 600, so how would you reward those in number of extra spins? You'd also need to not be able to save up too many extra spins then, or you'd kind of get the same use case of [saving up and] doing dozens of spins when the listed items are right...

I find it hard to believe they nerfed it just to stop exploiting, if so they failed miserably. Especially the recent tweaks make me think Cloudcades management somehow has the completely moronic idea that taking away options for progress is going to make people stick around longer.


Balancing it depends a lot on how it's set up and what it rewards. Giving away epic items seems like a bit much in general, on the other hand giving away a few extra good quality ones really isn't an issue.
More blueprint fragments in general would be great, we really aren't getting those at a useful pace. (Can take months to get enough frags for a magic+ print.)

Besides, what's meaningful to an endgame player is exponentially more than what's meaningful to a mid game player, and the same for mid vs early.

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Re: Approaching Roulette Differently

Postby WingDingo » Thu Apr 13, 2017 5:09 am

I'd prefer it if they slightly buffed the rewards to the wheel and replaced the Roulette entirely with a 10 day cycle of Daily Super Objectives. Do a bunch of things at your leisure. There is no complete-within-24-hours-or-streak-bust requirement. Think of it like the PvP Ticket System. You can hold up to 2 Daily Super Objectives, and the countdown to your next ticket starts after you complete 1 of them. You can buy 1 ticket with gems every 24 hours (if you have none).

Then give rewards out based on what your Current Roulette Chance is to get something from spins, spread out across 10 days. Here are some examples what the spin percentages could be. [75% Gold] [5% Artifacts] [5% Items] [5% Blueprint Fragments] [5% Double Spins] [4% Gems] [1% Keys]

So say you did 30 spins in 10 days with 9M, 4.5M, and 2.25M as your options (with a 5.25M average). You will get gold 22.5 out of 30 spins, giving you 118.125M Gold. Divide that by 10 days of quests, so each daily quest you will get 11.8125M Gold (or just round up to 12M Gold).

With 30 spins at 5% items, and you would get 3 Greats or 7 Goods or 7 Goods, you would get 1.5 times those amounts, but at 33%. And so on.


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Re: Approaching Roulette Differently

Postby VeNoM0619 » Wed Apr 19, 2017 11:05 am

I say remove the wheel entirely (since CC doesn't want to list odds/show the correct balance). Games that use false perceived odds just alienate players.

When you see something that shows a 1/12 chance at getting it, and its actually a 1/100. You feel lied to, and aren't having fun.

It would be the equivalent of me saying you get $5 if I flip tails on this coin, then switch over to a double heads coin to flip.

Unless the odds are listed, it will only keep disappointing everyone.

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Re: Approaching Roulette Differently

Postby bloop » Thu Apr 20, 2017 7:11 pm

Shiroe wrote:I'm wondering if capping spin streak item quality bonus @ 5000 to either epic or flawless wouldn't have eliminated that "gemming for profit" without needing to change the odds in october 2016?

i just wanna highlight that abqu has provided no evidence, even anecdotal, that he made a profit from this. gemming for profit has not been a thing since the original wheel release

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