Enchanting Table

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Enchanting Table

Postby Farshadr » Wed Apr 12, 2017 8:02 am

Enchanting Table is a new thing similar to Fusion Cauldron. You use items to get a better item.

How it works is you put an item of atleast Good quality and wait for it to be disenchanted and get some dusts. Then use the dusts you have gathered to Create a Better Item of better quality or even better type like Uncommon or Rare.

Items also have to be +level 11 to be disenchanted and each range of item level has its own dusts like 11-15 dusts 16-20dusts and so on to 55
There are 4 different dusts:
1.Green 2.Blue can be gathered from any quality item
3.Purple can be gathered from Epic or better quality or any quality Rare item
4.Red is only a myth quality dust

+just like fuse cauldron it has Slots that can be unlocked by gems and slots can be used to either disenchant or Creat new item
+for disenchanting you can put multiple items(items has to be the same type and same quality) to speed things up but with reduced total dust gained like up to -20%
+the higher the quality the faster it gets disenchanted and more dusts
+uncommon and rare items give more dusts
+to creat items you put dusts and will get a random item... the more dusts and better quality the better results

There is also Enchanting xp that u recieve. when u level ur enchanting skill enough you can have a control of what actual item you want to be created.

There can also be a 5th dusts that can be gathered from any item but the chances of getting it from epic legendary myth is more.
This one can be used to Creat Artifact Items
For example creating frostmourne from mythical Ice Blade (lvl25 sword sorry if wrong name)
These Artifact Items have more power and have more unbreakble range(like instead of 5 maybe 10)
And you can use their ability without having to master their base item.

It will be nice to see this in the game can keep ppl especially high level players busy cuz now they can go for Artifact Item.
Enchanting Table can probably balance some things out. Some items basivally have no value in trade house. Some items like nordic flute's epic quality have no value And instead some other items are waaay expensive and sometimes you cant even find a Gold price on their common quality.

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Re: Enchanting Table

Postby WingDingo » Fri Apr 14, 2017 4:59 am

It would be nice to have more control over crafting items and fusing items. There have been ideas suggested that are similar to this, including breaking down items. It has been mentioned that there will be some adjustments to fusion times, but we do not know for sure if that will ever happen.

It has also been suggested that there be additional qualities or ways to modify items. The problem with this is adding too many new options to search on the Trade House, especially if it is variants of the same effective "quality of an item" like Legendary A or Legendary B. Modifications to items would probably have to be account bound, or the Trade House would be near unusable, even with filters.

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Re: Enchanting Table

Postby Feone » Fri Apr 14, 2017 10:07 am

I personally don't think enchants and the like are a good idea, it'd just complicate things, between skills & the current quality levels there are plenty of options.

Better fusion is definitely needed though.

If any enchanting maybe some way to add skills onto items... more freedom with hero skills would be interesting.

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Re: Enchanting Table

Postby Farshadr » Sat Apr 15, 2017 5:46 am

But im not suggesting more Items or More quality.
Just saying we need a way to balance things out make some items be useful... like destroying them to get a better item that already exists

Also i forgot to say those artifact items cant be sold or traded in trade house. They are artifacts for your own you keep them forever if ever get one.

Maybe we also get these artifact items when comple a dungeon by beating its last boss.

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