Opening chests with gems

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Opening chests with gems

Postby Melanie » Sun Apr 09, 2017 9:34 pm

I know a lot of people are complaining about blueprint droprates out of chests and the price of gem packages. However I am so frustrated at the moment, that I like to rent a bit more about the subject.

Every week I try to open a few chests in the hope to get a new blueprint. Cause I still want to believe that one day I will have them all.

Today I opened again 10 iron chests and guess what no blueprint. That is a 1000 gems in exchange for a few artifacts and low level items. And that for the 6th time in row. At this moment I have a score of 60 iron chests without a blueprint, when I still need plenty out of that damn chests.

If my drop rate on other chests where better it may easy the pain. However that the same old story.

Not the mention the value of 1000 gems, if I buy a gem fountain every strain of 10 chests cost me €3,66. So far this misfortune cost near €22,-

Why not add a feature that if you open a x number of chests on the same time you will get 1 blueprint? Or some other feature so that blueprints come a bit easier to come by?
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Re: Opening chests with gems

Postby Feone » Sun Apr 09, 2017 9:41 pm

Standard f2p playbook. (Though I guess this example isn't very well implemented because gems are far too expensive for it to work properly.)

Step 1) Add in disguised gambling, in context high reward, nearly infinite amount of money sinkable into it.
Step 2) Make sure you can't get real money out of it so regulators don't come after you.
Step 3) Make a few rolls cheap enough to do easily, but expensive enough that it adds up.
Step 4) Watch as people (especially the younger ones) fall for gambling fallacy and give you lots of $$$, or at the very least underestimate the costs involved.

Gambling mechanics are horrible.

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Re: Opening chests with gems

Postby Farshadr » Wed Apr 12, 2017 8:27 am

This week i opened 22chests(Iron agolden Magical) and got no blueprints not even epics cried in chat and talked about how i hate this game then i used my last gems openning iron chests and all 3 of them were BP

The Randomness in this game is weird.
I used to open bunch of bags and then chests cuz i believed they kinda are the same... if u fail to get BP from bags(which re fragments) the next bag have more chance of giving a bp so if open chest that increased chance will also work for chest
And it actually was good. I was getting a BP almost every 5chest which is soppose to be the average

The reason why i did this ia cuz i see ppl having different BP/Chest Ratio like someguy on youtube got 30BP from 100chests by using gems
But my ratio was pretty bad 1BP/7chests paid by gems and in my city ppl had their own tactics like open magic chets after golden... dont open more chets if u get Artifacts wait a bit then open another one.

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