How To Gain Shopkeeper Levels Fast

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Re: How To Gain Shopkeeper Levels Fast

Postby WingDingo » Tue Jun 21, 2016 5:10 am

chewythewookie wrote:Much better. Thanks.

Now the only problem is the usability of these lists.

I mean, the list has Chaos Armor on it.

This strategy guide reads like, here's a strategy, and here's a list of items that are good with this strategy. But many (most?) of the items listed are very expensive to buy in the Trade House compared to the experience gained for selling it.
This is indeed a compilation of many questions asked and formulated into a single guide. If you can find an item on the Trade House to buy, that is when the list of items is useful. Say you are sitting with 1M gold and want to gain experience as quickly as possible. Should you buy a bunch of Item A or Item B?

Chaos Armor costs a lot, but it grants the same ratio of experience for it's base gold cost as King's Gauntlets, Golden Crown, and Coldsteel, which all have a lower base price. You could buy 2 Golden Crowns and sell it or buy 1 Chaos Armor and sell it. You'll spend (about the same amount of gold, and therefore the same amount of experience) and still get the same ratio. However! If you see Turning Tokens, Adventurer's Boots, and Demon's Blood, you'll get a better ratio. Check for those first.

Can you always buy everything listed at base price? Absolutely not. But people are curious about what the numbers actually are. The "why" of the matter. Why is this item better? It has a better experience ratio if you can find it at base price. And because prices on the Trade House are player controlled, there is no way that I can say, "Buy 20 of Item X and you will go from level 21 to 22." I mean, I can say that, but the items might not be on the Trade House for it to work. What I can say is, "check these 25 items. If they are near base price at any quality, that will be your best option."

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Re: How To Gain Shopkeeper Levels Fast

Postby Richard » Tue Jun 21, 2016 5:50 am

Great stuff as always Dingo! :)
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Re: How To Gain Shopkeeper Levels Fast

Postby Ronin » Fri Jun 24, 2016 9:47 am

This is the strategy I generally recommend in chat when someone asks about how to quickly level.

1. Unlock tradehouse
2. Build some dagger/mace racks
3. Buy items in trade house at/below cost and resell (using knife and club to regain hearts as needed) for experience.
4. Once you hit lvl 15, start converting gems into gold.
5. Sell high lvl gear (you need 2.5M networth to convert efficiently, so dumping a bunch into one hero building will level them for you)

During the double-exp event, it was possible to reach lvl 30 in a bit over 3 hours of playtime (2 hours to get to 15, 1 hr thereafter).

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Re: How To Gain Shopkeeper Levels Fast

Postby internetz » Fri Jul 22, 2016 4:27 pm

I've made a new shortcut, as the one in the first post sends you to a porn site if you don't capitalize it (a bit problematic since the link must be typed in manually when posted to chat....

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Re: How To Gain Shopkeeper Levels Fast

Postby asylumee4 » Fri Dec 02, 2016 10:57 am

For those wanting to or that have purchased wizard pack, I leveled from 40-44 in about 2-3 days; of playing 2-4 hours a day. Little tedious but worth it for that extra worker slot.

Once able to craft Wisdom Ocarina, and have a few heroes that can purchase it. Azula, Kuro, and Alicia worked for me; Oneira and Francesca can as well. Craft a few to build some income if you dont have few hundred G's already; keep crafting them cause you will need them and also unlock +50% sell progression.

Then start selling them, surcharged commons are 24m, goods are 30m, greats are 48m, flawless 73m. Also look in the trade house, sometimes people sell at the sell value to heroes or slightly above. I was buying them if the loss was not greater than 5m; why I kept crafting them as well to make up the loss and keep buying them.

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