EightBitHeroes (max city) needs 2!

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EightBitHeroes (max city) needs 2!

Postby Ambigha » Mon Mar 05, 2018 2:43 am

We currently have room for 2 more friendly active players in EightBitHeroes.

The city is ranked ~236 by networth, all buildings are at max level.
(Upgrades: T2 Inn, T2 Town Hall, T2 Temple, Training Hall, Fountain, Fighters Guild, Hunter’s Lodge. T3 School of Magic, War College. T4 Port, Theatre, Cathedral. T2 Foundry, Mana Beacon, Fine Jewels & Co.)
The town is very active, buildings are often boosted (specially at weekends) most of us are level 40-56 and are online every day.
We Clear usually #29 on Raids each weekend but need a full roster to clear #30.

Be active, finishing a raid takes 40k points which means 1600 points per player.
To help with newer members we expect 1k points per player but if you can do more go for it!
Ideally looking for members 40+ who can fit easily within this bracket but can accommodate level 30+ if willing to put in that extra bit of effort each raid!

IGN: Ambigha#91489

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