Spinesreach could use your help!

Recruit talent for your city or find a city to join.
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Spinesreach could use your help!

Postby SuhStomping » Wed Dec 20, 2017 12:49 am

Spinesreach is always looking for some fresh new faces! We aren't a power house, not will we ever be. Mostly casual players.

Active - I know and support real life. Play when you can. Don't even have to tell us when you'll be gone, unless it's for a month or longer.
Forward progress - Grow, help us make the city stronger! We all benefit!

While not a hard requirement, someone who can contribute to raids would be appreciated. I'm getting a little tired of coming up short of the blueprint each week.

We've got a Level 3 Inn, Level 1 Town Hall, and several Level 1 hero buildings. (Crown Jewel level... Actual buildings are not maxxed) All workers and stuff are unlocked.

Sound good? Stop on by!

We've got two opens spots right now, and a few more inactives to boot if there are genuinely interested parties.

Spinesreach is always recruiting!


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