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New City Neo-Venezia

Postby Sento » Sat Dec 02, 2017 9:51 am

Friend and I started playing the game and we wanted to have our own city so we could experience all the game had to offer. Of course now with a Level 15 Town hall, and a ton of buildings and stuff it's getting harder for just the two of us to do stuff. Right now our Castle is lvl 6 and so it's easy to do the raids each week currently, but it's getting to the point were managing our shops vs trying to steadily upgrade buildings is getting harder to do.

We would like to welcome anyone of any level and rank(My friend and I are in the low 20s for level) to join our city. All that we ask is you are actively playing the game and helping out in both investments and city Raid. We haven't used the City chat since we both know each other IRL, but if people join I know we will be very active in City Chat and can help out.

either PM me your ID or search the city :)

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