GoldenWing, newbie city looking for members

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GoldenWing, newbie city looking for members

Postby Nabilete » Sat Nov 25, 2017 1:22 pm

I dont really know what else to say, the only members are my gf and me, we are spanish, but we know english. I mean we understand it, the writing level can fool yourself and think I am a monkey with a laptop, and I may be, but, BUT, I also have a city that looks for members. Think about the last point and forget the rest. Again, dunno what to say. I hope you understood me, or something like that. We are nice people, really nice, nicest people ever, if you go to a big and overleveled city, you will get better resources, OBVIOUSLY, but in this city, you will get something unique, you will receive, deep to your heart, love, and stupidity, I dont even know if the word stupidity exists, I hope it doesnt.

It is a private city, so mp me or post here your ID.

Our levels are low, as low as you may think we could be, and we expect nice people, not as nice as we are, but if you need some level cap to join a city, we wont have it, whatever the level you are looking for. So, we want the nice people forgotten, that feels alone in his/her own city. Happiness is the only thing you deserve.

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