#18 Hopeland French / International city

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Re: #18 Hopeland French / International city

Postby cleax » Tue Dec 19, 2017 4:35 am

Bump !
** added last raid scores **
** new added link to city raid scores ! updated crown updates & town reputation, see below **

If you wanna apply use forum private message, i will answer any question about Hopeland !

Profile 1 : Raider with some investment
- You are a good raider with at least 1500 token FIST day of the raid event.
- You have a preferred value of 30G already invested in town.
- you are active in pvp and do ALL your fight (but don't need to be king of the arena)

Profile 2 : High investor active in raid
- You have at least 100G net-worth already invested in town.
- You are an active raider with at least 1500 token on the whole raid event (3 days)
- you are active in pvp and do ALL your fight (but don't need to be king of the arena)

Please understand that, if those criteria may looks strict, we "finish" basic 40K raid in around 1 day.
We ask for token when it's most useful for us.
About net-worth our average player value is far over 60G.
Criteria are relative to the current activity of our members.

New ! Hopeland strong raid activity

Our town is highly active in raid !

"Mmmm yes sounds nice but how do we know ?"

Hopeland is always active in the forum challenge. I link you the 3 last month screenshot performance so that you make yourself your mind ...

(clickable urls so that the post don't became too big to read for people who don't care)

http://lesgardesfous.pagesperso-orange.fr/images/challenge16.png (last one)


Hopeland as all building maxed.
We are very active and currently ranked #17 (varies) in net-worth value (with 23/25 members).


We are used to complete the new 40K raid in 1 around one day and have a nice town reputation of 6636 points !.

All double craft building are maxed for best craft time (in orange on pic)


Town is usually buffed all day.

We are active in pvp battle and evolving town through crowns (detail is shown on picture)

We are a mix of french and english speaking player so BOTH language are welcomed and spoken.

People there are all good friends now and used to share & help anyone in town.

See you soon at Hope land !

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