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Re: Confessions of a Shop Heroes Grinder

Postby Arty » Wed Jan 24, 2018 1:59 pm

Leggitte2 wrote:
Arty wrote:If you mean the extra fusion slots and think that you don't need or want them, then you somehow haven't grasped their importance yet.

I only took my cauldron out of storage 2 weeks ago (been in storage for at least 6 months) and can't think of any good reason to get a 4th fusion slot. What am I not understanding? Why is it so important?

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Of course it depends on playing style. For a particular player it's not necessary to buy extra fusion slots or even to fuse at all. Overall I think fusing is one of the major building blocks of the game though. There are a lot of things in the game that require higher qualities:
  • From around some levels in the 30s, many items require flawless precrafts.
  • Mid/Late game hero equipment - whether it is unbreakable euipment or skill equipment - it is usally needed in epic or better.
Realistically those things require a lot of fusing. The alternatives would be excess crafting and relying on mastery and to snatch a few things from bags and chests, but that would be extremely slow. Of course, a particular player can always just buy this stuff in the tradehouse for gems. There just have to be enough other players to do the fusing and sell.

This particular dynamic makes the extra fusion slots very interesting and worth for many players. Not only do they save money by fusing their own required high quality items, but they can earn extra gold/gems by fusing and selling precrafts or hero gear to others.

Even in very early levels one can earn a significant amount of extra gold by fusing and selling low level precrafts, buying cheap in "good" and selling for max gold in "great". When the cauldron is higher level later on, one can fuse flawless precrafts or high epic/legendary/mythical skill gear that sells for gems. After a while the extra slots have paid off and turn a profit.

In the end, the players who don't mind the fusing have a convenient way to save/earn gems, and others who don't mind paying gems have a convenient way to avoid all the fusing.

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