Packages and Your Thoughts!

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Packages and Your Thoughts!

Postby cc_Darkis » Mon May 01, 2017 3:28 pm

Hey Guys,

Wanted to reach out and get a discussion going targeted at the offerings we do each month for packages and just how you guys feel about them overall.

I'll toss a few questions to get the discussion started!

Are they worthwhile to you and if not, what would make them better?
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Re: Packages and Your Thoughts!

Postby Speadie » Mon May 01, 2017 3:32 pm

Lower requirement from myth or make myth easier to get. Add some extra stuff like bags and bp fragments. The gold is pretty pointless for most.

Personally I would never get them cos they seem like a waste of money. You kinda living off the players who have to have all the bps with alot of these packs.

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Re: Packages and Your Thoughts!

Postby Desco » Mon May 01, 2017 4:02 pm

Are they worthwhile to you: Kind of, some more than others.

if not, what would make them better?
    -Animation on all pack decorations (ex: no animation on the Easter Egg docoration)
    -Release of animation images in patch notes
    -Removal of gold for more gems or BP frags
    -Reduce Legendary -> Myth fuse time
    -More usage of package BPs without skills as right now they are just craft obstacles and extra mastery fodder
    -Keep 1 year old packs permanently available (meaning 2016 packs always available like worker/hero packs) and only make the newest ones time based (2017 packs) until it is 2018 etc.
    -Row more cultural packs, we have Chinese New Year packs, why not celebrate other cultures too?
    -More Charity packs, Supply Drop is nice, also more nice when people know money going to charity

Now for the controversial part that people will want to hurt me for:
If skills isn't at myth what is the point of having myth tier? I would agree all packs should be legendary skills IFF (if and only if, for those that don't get that term) myth tier is removed. Some bones every now and then with Legendary skill BP is understandable but there is really no sense to mythical tier if skill is not at myth. Some may argue myth = power but what is the point of power besides PvP? With how questing is designed it is easy to reach team power without myth equipment. I would not sacrifice all the legendaries that I did for myth if it means it's for just some power increase that is beneficial in PvP, and mostly PvP only. Even more less likely if skills get bumped down to legendary, since it means I am potentially risking skill item loss for only power increase. For those that think getting myth to be too difficult may just not be ready for end game buffer grind.

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Re: Packages and Your Thoughts!

Postby inVoh » Mon May 01, 2017 4:06 pm

I don't think they are worthwhile but they have potential. These limited time packs are never as good as first getting the Giant/Wizard/Lorelei/Charles packs. That is a lot of money to spend on the game before I'd advise anyone to purchase them. I believe the difficulty of obtaining mythicals from these packs is a problem. Chest BP's have the benefit of being a loot item from chests, so they are easier to obtain. However crafting 45+ mythicals can take way too long.

I think they should still be mythical, you can run all PvE content with just legendaries so without skills there wouldn't be any incentive to craft them other than for PvE. Just make it faster to fuse 40+ legendaries together. The time currently is unreasonable.

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Re: Packages and Your Thoughts!

Postby Kim! » Mon May 01, 2017 5:07 pm

As someone who doesn't buy packs:

It would be nice to see f2p alternatives to the pack BPs. I don't mean that they should be as easy to obtain, but Magic Find (which looks incredibly powerful) now has 3 p2w options, and a premium hero with the skill built in. I'm still sorta hopeful that one of the new raid BPs will have this skill, but if they don't it would be nice to see some f2p options added. Even if it came from a primal chest, had a worse slot gear-wise, or took raid-exclusive mats to craft or whatever it would be nice to have something f2p with that skill.

The number of permanent craft/quest boosts also makes me sad, but I understand that selling packs keeps the servers running so I won't whine too much on that one. Would be cool to see a handful of 1% ones available f2p, like on quest trophies or for a lot of gems, but I understand if that can't happen.

For myth vs legendary:
I kinda like that high level skills (both pack and chest) are hard to obtain, and I think dropping them directly to legendary (6-8x easier to get) would throw off the balance in a bad way, especially if it was only pack items dropped to legendary. I would much rather see a universal buff that makes it a little easier for everyone to fuse mythics, like reducing high level fuse times a bit or give 5 legendaries -> mythic a 100% success rate. Make it easier but don't make it easy, if that makes sense?

Another alternative might be to orient one of the monthly packs at low-mid game players, with a smaller skill on a lower level item - like OSD had support 1/mythic on a level 27 helmet. It might make packs more appealing to casual/lower level players who consider high level or mythic items unobtainable. :)

Anyway, f2p+ so my thoughts don't matter too much here, but that's my perspective on it ~

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Re: Packages and Your Thoughts!

Postby Tkshowers » Mon May 01, 2017 5:27 pm

I have bought most packs until Easter. Probably won't buy many more as fusion times are too long and I will never utilize the packs that need mythical. Give me a way to speed fusion other than gems and I might buy more packs.

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Re: Packages and Your Thoughts!

Postby Retep » Mon May 01, 2017 5:33 pm

I think packages are kind of the worst of both worlds right now.

On one hand: They feel rather pay to win, because they come with skills you cannot get in certain slots without paying real money (like the new revive 2 hat you're probably going to want in EVERY SINGLE hat slot, because it is just by far the best skill on a hat available), and some skills most people will never even be able to use because they are locked behind this paywall (support II and magic find for example are currently pack exclusives). Additionally, the (by far) best hero and worker are also locked behind paywalls. And this doesn't even include the 1-5% craft and quest time reductions which will really add up over time and over many crafts.

On the other hand: Most people find it very unreasonably difficult to get mythical items (LONG fusion times, chance of failure even with 5 legendaries), and therefore feel it isn't even worth purchasing most of the monthly packs (just giant and heroic packs and maybe ocas for a guaranteed early money maker).

2 possible solutions I can think of to address both concerns:
1. Make package blueprints unlock skills at legendary but only use skills that already have a slot with that skill, which you can get from chests (ideally chest blueprints that unlock the skill at mythical). This allows players to get the skill much easier than others if they purchase the pack, but still allows everyone to get the skill with enough effort. An example of this could be a package blueprint for gauntlets that give speed runner II at legendary (players without that package can still get volcanic smashers which give the same skill, but at the more difficult mythical quality)
2. My other potential solution would be to again make the blueprints give skills at legendary, but give players the ability to purchase package blueprints at the inn with blueprint fragments (could either be integrated into the fragment paths or sold at a different NPC) or something similar (like package fragments, which could be a new raid reward, or randomly drop during raid quests or be added to the wheel or something and be exchangeable for packages)

As for general package feedback:

There are too damn many packages and they are too expensive, it would cost well over $500 to buy all the packages available currently, and that number constantly increases. If you look at recent reviews of games like Crusader Kings 2 or Europa, the vast majority say these are great games but they can't recommend the game to anyone because of the DLC policy (those games have about $200 worth of DLC, which is still only half as bad as Shop Heroes, which also has purchasable premium currency (diamonds) on top of that).

Now, I'm perfectly happy to spend (more) money on great games, but I feel they have to be both reasonable and earn it. $70 (Canadian) for one pack (giant) is not reasonable imo, and making the giant just so vastly better than all the other workers, on top of 5% craft bonus and an exclusive skill (support II), makes it feel very pay to win and almost like you're forced to buy it, which makes me really not want to support game/company with that kind of a policy.

I would also be much more willing to spend (more) money on this game if I felt like the company earned it, but with policies like the one just mentioned as well as releasing almost nothing but $30+ worth of packages each month for the past 4+ months, CC has definitely not earned my money. Now lately there have been steps in the right direction (Darkis has been doing a great job, this patch is at least better than the last several), but that's partly because I don't think it could get much worse, and there is still a long way to go imo. But if/when CC starts listening to player feedback and starts finally fulfilling their promises for much more free content and addressing end game concerns (surplus of gold/lack of gems at end game) I'd be happy to purchase packs.

I also really agree with kim, it would be great if 5xlegendary to mythical fusions had a 100% success rate. This would make mythicals a bit easier to obtain, and much less frustrating (it sucks having legendaries destroyed and up to weeks of fusion time wasted because of a failed fusion), but still keep them somewhat difficult to obtain.
Lower level skill items in packages also makes a lot of sense, I think a lot of people found OSD to be one of the most interesting packages because the item was low enough level that it applied to a lot of people and because it was low enough level, there were a lot less complaints about the mythical requirement for the skill (because it fuses much faster). The skill itself is also good enough to be interesting as an option for end game players that can easily make up for the lack of power in other ways.

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Re: Packages and Your Thoughts!

Postby VeNoM0619 » Mon May 01, 2017 5:56 pm

When I first started playing, I dropped money on all the packs I saw at that time as a way to say, "I like this game, and support it." Thinking that was the only thing you would ever offer.

However... there has been well over $200+ worth of packs introduced, since then, (and 3 days after I spent that money, you guys threw out another pack, then another the next month, etc. etc.)

I have hated packs ever since I saw those cash grabs, you can offer whatever you want, I do not feel inclined to buy them, if you make them even more "exclusive" (P2W) then I won't buy, or I will just quit this game outright. Why play when half the game is a paywall, even after I spent a considerable amount of cash already, you are still asking for more. Slap me in the face.

Offering exclusive content has killed well over half your potential community.

As suggested before in the suggestions thread... find a better alternative for F2P. You want people to spend money? Make gems worth spending money on, make lots of content cost gems only (and balance the pricing correctly). Whats the purpose of buying gems right now? None. Nobody will spend $50 to get 8k gems, to open 10 primal chests and maybe get 1 blueprint....

There is no point in having a premium currency, when you circumvent that with these packs.

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Re: Packages and Your Thoughts!

Postby Isabel » Mon May 01, 2017 6:25 pm


maybe less mythical skill and more +48lv blueprints. blueprints over lv48 because the heroes lvmax is 55 since longtime now.
and one more thing: add exclusives blueprints for first hours players who support the game even the game not supporting us.
sorry if my english is bad. make somethings for players like me but not fake patch or another pack we have to pay. i like pack, i have all but now its time to CC to give a little loots for 2015 players.

oh and maybe have a french part in this forum ;)


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Re: Packages and Your Thoughts!

Postby Feone » Mon May 01, 2017 10:03 pm

Too expensive.
Paywall bad.
Gtfo with skills at mythical or make mythics easier to get.

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