Sewers fragment farming test

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Re: Sewers fragment farming test

Postby Ronin » Mon Apr 24, 2017 5:27 pm

yingying wrote:
Ronin wrote:At the same time, if we're going to use a money/life waste ratio, it's probably unfair to use the 10 hour figure, considering it takes say a minute of our time to collect quests and relaunch our full hero roster.

Scenario 1: active grinding mixed with passive playing (or tv watching, whatever)
6x4 energetic teams with boost active (though not actively boosting) and ignoring any SR, we're looking at 3.75 minute increments for a total of 96 runs over 16 cycles in an hour, netting a expected 2.4 fragments for 16 minutes of grind and 44ish minutes of passive time where you could be doing other aspects of the game or just like watching tv.

Scenario 2: full-time grind
Add in 2 inn boosts, bringing run-time to slightly under 1 minute. 15 minutes of very active grinding there equates to 90 runs yields an expected 2.25 frags at the cost of 100M gold.

In either case, the minimum wage part-time job doesn't compare favorably, especially if we're grinding while at work. ;)

As I mentioned in my first reply, I do realize you don't need 10 straight hours for this grinding, more like about 1 minute every 5 minutes. However, with such a frequent interruption, you pretty much cannot do anything serious during the grinding time. You mentioned grinding at work, but I cannot think of any job that would give you chance to open up a game every 5 minutes. Maybe a government job? :lol: Same with the watching TV example. If you have to tend your game every 5 minutes, how can you enjoy your TV show? Or maybe it's not enjoyable to begin with, when why are you still watching.

Which is why i included option 2, which removes the wasted passive time that isn't fully enjoyable.

Anyway, the point of my first reply is simply putting this grinding thing into another perspective. In addition to time vs. bp fragments obtained, player should also try thinking about time vs. money "earned". The calculations are estimations based on my personal experience and the numbers presented by OP. Anyone can freely adjust them and evaluate if it's worth it or not. I'm not going to argue if you firmly believe it's worth it. After all, your time, your game :P

Grinding definitely needs a perspective. By my calcs, you can grind 2-3 gold bps worth of fragments in a day. But hopefully we can all agree that that sounds like it would be a freaking miserable day. And I, like many, often choose to pay for things that I could miserably do myself.

I just feel like if these numbers are going to be presented, especially from a time-use v. time-use perspective, it should be done as fairly as possible.

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