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Re: List of Shop Heroes Community Resources

Postby internetz » Fri Oct 06, 2017 7:13 pm

that worker optimization tool of yours was already created... by pantless.
the mastery numbers came from abqu.
the main sheet that you credit richard with,is now operated and maintained by azbandar.

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Re: List of Shop Heroes Community Resources

Postby Azbandar » Fri Oct 06, 2017 7:46 pm

Pretty much everything for SH has had someone create it, until there is a new feature. Here are some quick examples:

Main SH Spreasheet - Richard (now maintained by Azbandar)
Fusion Calculator - Akerson (now maintained by internet, if the original was someone else I do apologize, but that's the first name I saw on it)
The Break Chance Calculator - Bob the Builder (now maintained by Pantless, again, I may have the wrong originator)
Super Team Builder - Akerson (now maintained by Azbandar)
Team Survivability Sheet - kaisies (unsure if this is still maintained)
Mastery Sheets - there are so many, that I couldn't begin to determine the original one, however Orblit has the best version currently available in a web app version.

Do some research (you are a student, it's what you should be doing anyways)! Most of it can be found in the Strategy & Guides section of the forums, what you can't find there is in the General Discussion section.
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Re: List of Shop Heroes Community Resources

Postby KoalaKingHuggies » Sat Oct 07, 2017 1:21 am

i am more than aware that nearly everything was created. however my point is, unless i used someone's formula or tool in order to create mine, i do not need to credit him for it. that was my point. for example, for the team builder im doing. i am under no means going to use the super team builder, i am making my own version from scratch, so there is no need for me to credit the super team builder for that.

for every formula i use, i will give proper credit, unless i got that formula on my own.

once my tool is released, people can ask me where i got certain formulas and i will (probably) answer all requests for answers.

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