A F2P Long Newbie Guide - updated August 2016

Discussion of lower level gameplay and strategy.
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Re: A Long Newbie Guide - June 2016 (by a roughly week old player)

Postby Ronin » Thu Sep 22, 2016 10:21 am

Fluffy wrote:
Ronin wrote:
Fluffy wrote:- I renamed this to F2P guide because Ive recently discovered that Money players, of course, play differently (and calls flipping keys a noobish act). It can't be helped to get that extra gold if you are not spending in the game. Compared to them who has a surplus of gems at the beginning or more space because they have a rack of all trades, F2P players needs to balance out leveling, exploring, and getting rich, which to me, makes it more challenging and fun. Thus, at a certain level (24+) you should start saving up and opening blueprint chests to avoid slowing down at leveling. Chest bps cost a lot more on resell both on npc and tradehouse.

I really think this could be described purely as a starter guide, with no "F2P" disclaimer needed.

Paying players have even more incentive to key-flip as most of the purchase options give gems, but little to no gold. The most efficient path for a paying player would be to key-flip even further than you recommend, probably all the way to lvl 37 for final raid rewards (with final craft slot and 2nd to last worker slot at 36). Anyone who calls you "noobish" for key flipping is themselves quite "noobish" for not understanding the massive benefit key flipping confers to a new account.

What differs for F2P players is that at around lvl 30, the exp needed to level starts jumping drastically and the gems you get from leveling and bulk order can't be converted into a full level's worth of exp. Even then key flipping will still be useful, but more for upgrading your shop.

Other than that, the only real difference between F2P and paying players is the craft chains they may focus on. A paying player might try to rush a pack-specific item chain, while a F2P player will rush down one of the more profitable common crafting chains. From the perspective of advising rushing a single chain (rather than trying to unlock everything), the advise is going to be the same for paying and F2P.

Seems fair enough. It is a newbie guide after all, whatever it may be called.
Ive read quite a lot of veterans though suggesting that paying players go ahead in buying cauldron upgrades or craft slots early on, which is why I suggested this to be F2P.
In some areas, as F2P myself, I tended to limit my storages first compared to a person with a rack of all trades, who has a leeway of some more spots.
I personally still key flip magics and up at level 39(my bp levels only at level 34+ though) because I sell most of my trades at gems. It seems more bang for the gem than other prices.

Cauldron upgrades are certainly beneficial and the first one comes right after leveling in my book as "things to do with gems," but from an efficiency standpoint - how much we increase our income generation per gem spent - even the first fusion cauldron slot doesn't compete with shopkeeper levels up to 36. Upgraded crafting slots are, on the other hand, very low on the list as they don't really increase income generation. I'd start accumulating them when marginal increases to income generation from other things really starts to decline.

As you can see, efficiency (even if just theoretical) is my biggest concern. It sounds like the veterans you've spoken to are advising more on tedium reduction or increased self-sufficiency.

I wouldn't consider having or not having the rack of all-trades to be a major impact. With the rack of all trades, a lower lvl player is set on hearts. Without the rack of all trades, you similarly level 1 rack and keep some cheap items of that class in inventory to use to regen hearts. It's in the same vein as craft slot upgrades - makes life a little easier but doesn't really impact what you can do.

And if you're key-flipping magics at lvl 39 or even 45 that's not a bad thing. It just means you think you can get more out of the gold (like the expensive upgrades to workstations) than you could from using the gems on slot upgrades or chest unlocks.

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