Heroic Pack #2

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Heroic Pack #2

Postby Cloudcade » Wed Mar 15, 2017 12:11 am

Hi Shop Keepers,

This is just a quick announcement for the release of Heroic Pack #2, which will become available on March 14th. There is no new update with this pack release as it has been planned with the previous patch. However, with that being said, there is a huge update coming soon with a ton of new content, we will announce the details in the upcoming weeks!

New Hero: Professor Charles (Level 15-50 Spellcaster, No building cap)

Quest Skills:
Mage Armor (Increases equipment strength) - Lv 17
Detect Secrets (Increase the minimum number of artifacts and raid items found by each party member) - Lv 28
Magic Find (Increase the maximum number of artifacts and raid items found by each party member) - Lv 36

3 Unique Arena Abilities:

Counterspell (When any enemy's power is increased, reduce the power of the opponent and their right teammates) - Lv 18
Absorb Magic (When any enemy's power is increased, increase Professor Charles' power and his right teammates) - Lv 27
Sympathetic Energies (When any ally's power is increased, increase Professor Charles' power) - Lv 36

Exclusive Line of 6 Blueprints:

Mystic Gloves (Level 6 Gloves)
Mystic Staff (Level 14 Staff)
Mystic Scroll (Level 25 Spell)
Mystic Potion (Level 32 Potion)
Mystic Ring (Level 40 Ring - Healer 2 at Legendary)
Mystic Vest (Level 49 Armor- Magic Find at Mythical)

Exclusive Tide The Dog with Quest Time Reduction Buff (+5% Increase Quest Speed)

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