August Patch Notes

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August Patch Notes

Postby cc_Tadaaah » Wed Jul 27, 2016 9:34 am

Hi ShopKeepers!
It’s time for another update! Read on to check out the details!
Summer Sports Package ($14.99 USD, Time Limited: August 5th- 21st)
  • 12,500 Gold
  • 750 Gems
  • 3 Avatar Items (Laurel, Torch, Toga)
  • Line of 3 blueprints
    • Javelin (Level 14 Projectile)
    • Champion's Torch (Level 32 Staff)
    • Champion's Medal (Level 45 Pendant - Healer 2 at Mythical)
  • Exclusive Pillar of Fire Decoration


New Feature: City Requests
  • Can do 1 Request every 8 hours with the following limitations:
    • 25 Artifacts
    • 15 Common
    • 10 Good
    • 5 Great
    • 3 Flawless
    • 1 Epic / Legendary / Mythical
    • 1 Chest
    • Cannot Request Keys or Bags
  • Uses the same level rules as the regular trade house (shopkeeper level + 5 or have had the item at least once or unlocked blueprint)
  • No limitations on how many requests you can fill
  • Filling a request gives you +1 Energy per item
  • Request will be separated by user
  • You may not offer items in City Trade system

UI Improvements
  • Revamped Inventory and Crafting UI
    • Inventory now works exactly like the list of items in the fusion cauldron (no more 0 quantity, components and undiscovered blueprints)
    • Crafting now acts as your crafting book and hints at the blueprints you have yet to discover like the old inventory
    • Added buttons to swap between Inventory and Crafting
  • Revamped Trade House UI
    • Larger buttons to show both prices at all times
    • Different buttons when on confirmation screen for Offers vs Requests
    • Greyed requests when you have 0 of that item in your inventory
    • Added Level and Quality Filters
  • Improved Hero Equipment Set Management: You can now copy each item individually from Quest to Arena set
  • Added toggle to show equipment on other heroes or not
  • Heroes will now have their power displayed 100% of the time in the Arena
  • Made Battle Log and View Replay buttons more visible

  • Changed Kurul's Leader 2 to unlock at level 25
  • Arena
    • Reduced Defending Honor Losses to 75%
    • Reduced Retribution 1-2-3 debuff value to 40% (from 50%)
    • Increased Song of Valor activation chance to 60% (from 50%)
    • Reduced Improvisation buff value to 40% (from 50%)
    • Increased Screech activation chance to 60% (from 50%)

  • Changed Castle type to be "Special" instead of "Special Event"

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed some translations that used wrong language
  • Fixed some cases where heroes would not play their walking animation properly in the Arena
  • Fixed a synchronisation error when using an upgraded slot to craft an item that had an unmastered component in one of the components
  • Fixed a crash when upgrading a furniture that increased size when surrounded by other furniture
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes happened when creating a city
  • Fixed an issue where heroes would get stuck in a state if skipping a battle at the right moment
  • Fixed multiple issues with the back button / escape key
  • Fixed an issue where Scavenger would go over maximum by 1
  • Fixed an issue where City Raid would still show requirements as Castle levels 1 to 25
  • Fixed multiple small visual issues
  • Endless Raid will award Fame (this will not be backdated)

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Re: August Patch Notes

Postby cc_Tadaaah » Mon Aug 01, 2016 12:34 pm

Hello ShopKeepers!

The update is starting to go live. Please give 24 hours for this to fully populate the stores.

iOS Version - 1-0-92014

Other platforms are all on 1-0-93011 with the following additional changes (this means all these are also known issues on iOS for now)
- Fixed an issue where Gems/Gold would disappear from HUD when opening Shopkeeper menu (Except lots of tickets for this one. Workaround: open/close screenshot mode)
- Switched Trade House request items order to be consistent with Offers
- Removed "Mastered" tag from inventory view
- Creating a new offer or request doesn't return the user to the Trade House UI
- Fixed an issue where the user wouldn't get warned that a city Trade does not exist anymore
- Fixed an issue where cooldown for City Request would not always be shown
- Fixed an issue where going from crafting to inventory would display wrong text on items

Known Issues
- Trade Tutorial References wrong tabs
- The Summer Sports package Toga animations are not displaying at the correct time on the female shopkeeper
- "Rank Down" text is not always appearing in match summary

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