BOOM! July 2016 Patch Notes

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BOOM! July 2016 Patch Notes

Postby cc_Tadaaah » Thu Jun 23, 2016 3:13 pm


It's time for BBQ's, fireworks, and, of course, an update!



Patriot Package ($14.99 USD, Time Limited: June 28th- July 12th)
  • 12,500 Gold
  • 750 Gems
  • 3 Avatar Items (Hat, Glasses, Jacket)
  • Line of 3 blueprints
    • Fireworks (Level 8 Projectile)
    • Patriot Boots (Level 27 Shoes)
    • Patriot Jacket (Level 46 Robe - Amazon 3 at Mythical)
  • Exclusive Statue of Freedom Decoration

New Feature: Arena Seasons
  • Honor resets at 3000 for everyone above at the beginning of each month
  • Win/Lose honor when defending starting at 3000 Honor

New Feature: Endless City Raids
  • Keep raiding until the event is over
  • Earn additional City Fame at the end of the event for every Endless level you complete
  • Each level requires your city to bring back an additional 2500 rewards

UI Improvements
  • Improved Inventory UI
  • Added possibility to click on a city in the rankings to view details

  • Improved Matchmaking process in the Arena to fight opponents closer to your Honor in order to increase winnings/reduce losses
  • Added Push Notification for Daily Objective
  • Added Push Notification for Fusion Complete
  • Added Push Notification for Arena
  • Added in-game notification when neighbor earns Crown Jewels from Arena
  • Added in-game notification when neighbor earns a new Arena rank for the first time

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a synchronisation issue with upgraded crafting slots
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when accepting an invitation to a city with an upgraded building
  • Fixed scrolling issue in What's New
  • Fixed an issue where heroes would look like they leveled infinitely when getting x2 XP in extra loot
  • Fixed a case where you couldn't click on a hero in Personal Quest setup
  • Fixed some upgraded buildings' visuals
  • Fixed upgraded versions of buildings not applying boost glow properly
  • Fixed inn quest timers not being updated with upgraded inn
  • Fixed Heroes' powers displaying as boosted all the times with an upgraded building
  • Fixed Player's name staying in a pressed state
  • Fixed multiple heroes not holding their weapons in the Arena
  • Fixed heroes in the Arena barracks being sorted by Quest Power
  • Fixed a rare crash during questing tutorial
  • Fixed overlapping text in gem store
  • Fixed multiple items missing small icons on Apple Watch
  • Fixed mayor's choice not displaying correct timer and preventing change
  • Fixed an issue where heal all wouldn't be available if quest was failed
  • Fixed an issue where Personal Quest failures would still have the flying gems animation
  • Fixed an issue where Battle Log would show wrong power amount when getting debuffed
  • Fixed Chat layering issues in the Arena
  • Fixed multiple issues with Asian Languages (not available on 90023 for iOS players)


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