Patch Notes: Feel the Love! February 2016

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Patch Notes: Feel the Love! February 2016

Postby cc_Tadaaah » Thu Jan 28, 2016 11:39 am

Did you feel that? It was Cupid’s arrow and he’s put a spell on you! Just in time to feel the love of the next Shop Heroes update.


Grab some chocolates and flowers for your fave shopkeeper with some new content!

  • New Loading Screen
  • FREE Avatar Sunglasses (log in before Feb. 18)
  • Valentine’s Day Package ($14.99 USD)
    • 750 Gems
    • 12,500 Gold
    • 4 Avatar Items
      • Bow
      • Wings
      • Flower
      • Scarf
    • Blueprint Line
      • Charming Scroll (Level 14 Spell)
      • Heart Seeker (Level 28 Projectile)
      • Lovestruck (Level 38 Bow)
      • Affection (Level 45 Staff)
    • Lover’s Carpet
  • New items for all Classic Packages
    • Warrior: Valkyrie’s Grip (Level 47 Gauntlets)
    • Rogue: Loki’s Mask (Level 48 Hat)
    • Wizard: Wisdom Ocarina (Level 47 Music)
    • Advanced Shopfare: G.F.G. (Level 48 Gun)
  • Favorite Weapon:
    • Each hero will now have one (1) item type that is yellow on the hero’s card. This will indicate their favorite type of weapon for an even lower break chance! This will extend the unbreakable levels aka Mythics become unbreakable for 5 instead of 4 levels when favorite weapon is equipped!
  • Progression Bonus!
    • Unlocked after receiving ALL Chest Blueprints for a specific level of chest. (Unlocking all of Magic chest level blueprints will unlock the feature for those blueprints.)
    • Receiving a duplicate blueprint will add a specified number to the progression of Mastering that item
    • Example: If your white dagger has 2 unlocks because you crafted it 9 times, you may get 6 additional crafts bringing it to the 3rd unlock.
  • Mayor’s Choice!
    • New option added to the Mayor menu.
    • Mayor chooses a building in which the entire city receives a DISCOUNT!
    • 24 Hour Cooldown to switch buildings
    • A 5 minute window has been added to “Cancel” trades without suffering from the 3 day locked trade slot.
We’ve received tons of feedback about our new City Raid feature. Some of it wasn’t full of all the love in the world, so we’ve REVAMPED the feature in hopes you’ll love it just as much as we love you! (and make it more accessible for everyone!)
  • Castle level has been raised to 25! (The total investment is still the same. It will automatically scale to the new system.)
  • Raid now has 25 steps for completion.
  • 25 rewards!
  • Steps and Difficulty are no longer directly linked
  • 3 Tiers of difficulty for each step!
    • Hardest: Highest required power: Will yield largest return of loot
    • Medium: Average required power: Will yield average loot
    • Easy: Lowest required power: Will yield small amount of loot
    • This was implemented so all city members can participate!
    • Prizing is still level locked. Example: You’re a low level shopkeeper that can win prizing up to step 12 in the Raid, but you’re city has people participating and eligible up to step 20. You may participate during step 20 (to not lock you out), but you will only receive up to prize 12.
      • This has been implemented to keep players from coasting/power leveling with higher level cities.
  • Fame will be awarded every 5 levels


In addition to this starry-eyed revamp and new content, we have a horde of lovely improvements and balancing changes. So don’t wait to renew your love with this update!

  • Type in the Quantity when creating Trade Offers/Request
  • Hold on Hero chibis in the details screen to view their intro again!
  • Allowed players to input large amounts for of gold on trade for items that 10x wasn’t met with current stipulations (10x cap is still on)
  • Added timer on the top of Special Orders bubble in the Inn
  • Improved Special Orders screen
  • “Later” button added to Special Orders
  • Fusion window does not refresh while open
  • Added a “Collect” option on the Fusion complete pop-up
  • Small improvements to the store
  • Improvements for City Raid UI to display locked rewards more clearly
  • New look for event pop-ups (Exceptional craft, Blueprint discovery, etc.)
  • Gold amount now abbreviated when over 1G
  • “!” notification on the Inn when Special Orders have expired
  • Inventory amount next to the artifacts icon when selecting quest
  • Tooltip (description of the mastered skill) when pressing on a skill in the Progress tab of an item
  • New sounds for Dwarvish/Primal Chest, City Raids and Lost Labryinth
  • Auto-party will now update when changing difficulties (City Raids and Bosses) unless the player made the change manually

It hard to maintain the balance with the things we love. Here are the changes we made to even the scales:

  • Rescaled the minimum investment required for buildings (1-10 4%, 11-20 2%, 21-30 1.25%, 31-40 1%, 41+ 0.5%) instead of 2% for all levels
  • Rescaled the number of crafts required to Master items
  • Reduced the number of items required for the majority of Special Orders
  • Increased the experience awarded for crafting (workers) and selling (shopkeeper) items
  • Changed City Browsing/Creation and Chat to be available at level 4 (from 5)
  • Changed Trade to be available at level 5 (from 6)
  • Changed Fusion to be available at level 6 (from 7)
  • Changed Progress for multiple chest blueprints
  • Reduced all epic pre-crafts to require only flawless
  • Reduced items required for 100% fusion to make Great and Flawless items by 1 (now respectively 2 and 3)
  • Changed minimum quality of items in chests to be Flawless

Don’t worry, we didn’t focus on bring a new flame to this relationship. We’ve made plenty of fixes!

  • Fixed an issue with the play button on first boot
  • Fixed an issue with resource icons overlapping in building unlocks tab
  • Fixed an issue with angelic bell display in Avatar customization list
  • Fixed an issue with certain HUD elements disappearing when unlocking blueprints on login
  • Fixed an issue with multiple assets displaying as white squares the first time you see them
  • Fixed an issue where the building shortcut wouldn't appear for initial heroes (Theor, Melina, Garreth and Minh)
  • Fixed an issue with the Job Creator achievement
  • Fixed an issue where other players' networth would be 0
  • Fixed an issue where the neighbor's list would display incorrect information
  • Fixed an issue where Story quest bubbles would stay red after buying the required item from trade
  • Fixed an issue where the long press animation for crafting was displayed on every item list
  • Fixed an issue where mastered blueprints wouldn't count towards the achievement properly (retroactive)
  • Fixed an issue with Discovery Rankings in City
  • Fixed an issue where the mayor wouldn't be able to select 50 as the minimum level for his city
  • Fixed an issue where precrafting items with a reduced precraft quantity wouldn't take it into account when calculating craft time
  • Fixed an issue with Speedrunner not affecting City Raids
  • Fixed multiple issues with the daily gem popup not showing properly, gems not flying and gem count not updating properly
  • Fixed multiple issues with Android 6.0 permissions
  • Fixed multiple issues with translations' display
  • Fixed multiple issues with animations for workers
  • Fixed a crash when receiving promotional items on a Sony device
  • Fixed a crash when opening the settings on certain Android devices
  • Fixed a crash when unlocking a new skill that requires Mythical quality on certain items


Now, we know not every relationship is perfect. We admit it; we aren’t perfect. So read on to find out the known issues in this patch:

No major Known Issues:
  • Cannot invite more than 50 friends on FB at a time
  • (display only) Possible prizing can display blueprint you already have even though that isn't a possible prize
  • Rankings will go up is you scroll down too fast
  • Having the title running for a long period of time can cause what's new to be blank

We hope you enjoy these changes and our love can continue to grow! Now get out there and update!

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Re: Patch Notes: Feel the Love! February 2016

Postby cc_Tadaaah » Wed Feb 03, 2016 1:44 pm

To answer questions:

Will Classic packs have 2 items with skills?

Can we get more details to changes of Chest Blueprints?
We don't have exact details. They are all small changes similar to the Tear change.

Will we receive duplicate blueprints while hunting for another blueprint?

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Re: Patch Notes: Feel the Love! February 2016

Postby cc_Tadaaah » Fri Feb 05, 2016 2:07 pm

Known Issues added.

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Re: Patch Notes: Feel the Love! February 2016

Postby cc_Tadaaah » Mon Feb 08, 2016 9:32 am

- A minimum quest time will be added that you will not be able to boost past on quests.

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Re: Patch Notes: Feel the Love! February 2016

Postby cc_Tadaaah » Tue Feb 09, 2016 12:56 pm

Known Issue:

Error logs triggering: We're currently investigating.

City Raid UI: This will display until the end of the next raid. You have already claimed your rewards, it's just a display error due to the changes.

For anyone reporting bugs, READ THIS: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=4148

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