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Forum Rules and Regulations

Postby cc_Tadaaah » Wed Aug 26, 2015 5:08 pm

Welcome to the official Shop Heroes forums. These forums are here to offer you a welcoming and safe place to discuss all game related matters for Shop Heroes with other players. Community starts with its members and is at its best when you treat others with courtesy and respect. Please always think before posting and act in a civil manner. Be sure to post responsibly.

These regulations and guidelines are by no means exhaustive and may not cover all matters of offensive behavior. They are set forth as an expectation that you (by using the forums) agree to follow and abide by. As such, forum moderators, administrators and staff will address any behavior they deem inappropriate whenever necessary in order to maintain a healthy community. Temporary or permanent banishment from the game will always be mirrored on the forums. Posting to the forums is a “privilege” and not a “right”.

Cloudcade reserves to the right suspend your account from these forums for any, but not limited to, the following regulations and guidelines along with evaluate situations on a case by case basis. Additionally, any post that violates these regulations and guidelines may be edited or removed and the user may receive an infraction, suspension or ban.

You can find answers to our FAQs within our in-game support system, also available at

Before posting to these forums, all users are obligated to read these regulations and guidelines.

1. Basics:

1.1 Forum Registration
All forum users are required to be thirteen (13) years of age or older to register for a forum account. All information shared with Cloudcade at the time of registration is kept private. Users are responsible for their own account information. We highly recommend using hard-to-guess passwords and not reusing passwords from other websites. Users may only have one forum account.

1.2 Online Safety
Cloudcade strongly suggests not sharing any personal information over these forums. This includes real name, home address, phone number, email, etc. Additionally, please do not give out any account information.

1.3 Responsibility
Cloudcade is not responsible for any of the messages posted to these forums, public or private. Cloudcade does not affirm or warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message, and is not responsible for or condone the content of any message. Messages expressed here do not represent the views of Cloudcade or the board. Messages express the views of the author alone. If you as a user feel that a posted message is objectionable, you are encouraged to contact the support staff or moderators immediately. Cloudcade employees and community moderators have the ability to remove such items and will take all necessary steps possible to help prevent and/or remove these in a timely manner if deemed necessary. Users agree, through the use of this service, to not post obscene, vulgar, inappropriate, hateful, harassing, threatening, profane, invasive to one’s privacy, knowingly false information, or any other content that violates any regulations set forth in the forums. Further, users agrees to not post any copyrighted materials, unless otherwise owned by user, to these forums.

1.4 Ban Policy
Violation of any of these policies can result in a temporary or permanent ban of the user’s account. Receiving 10 Infraction points will result in a permanent ban.

1.5 Error Reporting
Please report game related bugs and errors through the support ticket system available at or by posting within the Bug & Issues sub forum.

2. Content Restrictions and Rules

2.1 Forum Etiquette
Users are expected to behave in a civil and respectable manner and to treat others with the same standards set herein. Users are not to abuse, attack, bully, threaten, or mistreat other users. Such behaviors may included, but is not limited to:
    Derogatory remarks in regards to race, sexual orientation, nationality, gender, political affiliations, culture, etc.
    Harassing or threatening or defamatory statements
    Profanity in the form of visuals or music
    Naming and Shaming
    Bumping/Off-Topic posts to draw attention to you or a topic
    Profanity or inappropriate language or the abbreviations thereof
    Personal abuse or attacks
    Excessive capitalization and/or font sizing or coloring
    Spamming, off-topic posting
    Posting with the sole purpose to cause unrest in the forums

If a member is found to have participated in such action he/she:
  • Will receive a Forum Warning (see Forum FAQ) based on severity. Severity is determined by Forum moderators and staff
  • Receive a temporary or permanent ban based on severity and past infractions
  • Extreme cases of the above behavior(s) can/will result in an immediate permanent ban. This type of behavior has no place in the Shop Heroes forums and will not be tolerated.

2.2 Disclosing Real-Life Information and Real-Life Threats
Any disclosing of any real-life personal information (such as address, phone number, personal email, etc.) of their own or any other user, moderator, or staff is strictly prohibited on the Shop Heroes forums. Any post that violates this will be removed and the user shall receive an infraction from the forum moderator, administration, or staff. Additionally, asking for this information in public or private setting on this forum is prohibited.
Real-life threats include any post clear or disguised and/or links to websites or photos that depict the use of violence to any extent outside of the gameworld. Additionally, this includes any language such as, but not limited to, “Go kill yourself”, “Catch cancer”, “I’m going to rape you”. Any user found to violate this will result in an immediate and permanent ban. Additionally, depending on severity, other legal action may be pursued.

2.3 Accounts, Gifting, Codes, Services, Begging
This section pertains to the following:
  • Advertising of, or selling of game accounts
  • Advertising of, or selling of leveling services
  • Advertising of, or sharing of game accounts
  • Advertising of, or selling of promotional codes
  • Advertising of, or sharing of refund details
  • Begging of any kind. This includes asking for additional, gifted, transfer of any in-game or real life currency, promotional codes or anything similar.
  • Links or content directing to any service or website of the above is also prohibited
If a user is found to have participated in the following, it may result in a temporary or permanent ban from the game as it is a violation of the Shop Heroes Terms of Service.

2.4 Controversial Topics
Posting about social, illegal, political, religion, religious figures, etc. may cause offense. Please do not post such comments.

2.5 Advertising
Users are prohibited from posting any promotions or advertisements to attract others to products or services that are non-beneficial to Shop Heroes or Cloudcade.

2.6 Impersonations
Users are prohibited from creating accounts or posts the for the purpose of mimicking or impersonating forum administration, moderators, staff, or other players. These post will be removed and the user will receive an infraction.

2.7 Law and Forum Violations
This section refers to the restriction of posting on the following:
  • Posting of discussion or links depicting cheats, hacks, trojan horses, exploitive programs, etc. If you have found or know of any of or are suspicious of any of these, please report immediately with as much detail as possible to the Shop Heroes support ticket system.
  • Posting of unreleased content or content obtained through hacking software. This can result in a in-game ban as well as a forum ban.
    Illegal activities or drugs. Both clear and disguised links, posts, images, etc. to these activities will be removed. Users are expected to act lawfully while participating on these forums.
  • Discussion of actions or bans taken against yourself or any other player in-game or in the forums.


3.1 External Content
While external content such as photos, links, gifs, etc. are permitted on the Shop Heroes forums, they are expected to follow all other guidelines and restrictions in this document.

3.2 Language
The official language of these forums is English. We may add additional language forums in the future. In the meantime, please post in English so we may moderate properly.

3.3 Private Message, Avatars, Display Names and Signatures
All of the above are expected to and subject to punishment to all the mentioned restrictions and guidelines put forth by Cloudcade. Additionally, please do not add large signatures.

4. Forum Administration and Forum Groups

4.1 Forum Administrators
Forum Admins are Cloudcade employees. Their affiliation is denoted by their forum nickname being colored in Orange or Blue.

4.2 Forum Administrator and Moderator Powers
Forum Administrators and Moderators have the right to warn, suspend, and ban players from the forums. Moderator actions may be appealed by the system currently set in place. Forum Administrative actions cannot be appealed. In some cases, Forum Administrators can warn, suspend, and ban members even if their actions are not included in the current formal regulations and guidelines.

4.3 Forum Groups
Forum Groups are player designated groups. Their affiliation is denoted by the forum nickname being colored in Magenta or White

Cloudcade reserves the right to amend, change, improvise, update, and modify these regulations and guidelines as the needs of the community demand to ensure the smooth operation of this community.

Repetitively violating any of the terms listed here or in Cloudcade’s Terms of Service will result in a permanent ban from the forums and game.

Language here is not restrictive. All posts are subject to the regulations and guidelines regardless of being posting in English or any other language.

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