Readablilty issue with Korean font.

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Readablilty issue with Korean font.

Postby Demonologist » Wed Sep 07, 2016 11:56 pm


Korean font is very hard to read. And some characters don't display correctly. (the square on the third line of screenshot must be 렙, which is an abbreviated word for 'level'

However we Korean users noticed that we can bypass this problem just by inserting any vowels or consonants alone in the sentence. and that's why someone put meaningless ㅇ in the beginning of his sentence(on the second line of screenshot)

The number of korean users grows very fast. I used to see only 15-20 users on world chat but now it's usually over 100 users. I think that many koreans would love this game. I hope you fix it ASAP, so that we can chat more conveniently.

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