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BunnyVille Viktor

Postby Viktor » Sun Jan 29, 2017 10:04 am

L Wingblade (30 knife)x3
M Wingblade (30 knife)x1 RottieQueen
L Eagle (39 axe)x1
L Nocturne Axe (33 axe)x1
M Earthquake (31 axe)x1 Elivercury
L Earthquake (31 axe)x1
L Eagle Rod (36 staff)x1
M Arcane Guard (22 H Armor)x1
L Dragoon's Casque (28 helm)x1
L Dark Vambrace (30 gauntlet)x1
L Bloodlust Gauntlets (27 gauntlet)x1
L Lord's boots (29 H boots)x1
M Sorcerer's bracers (26 bracers)x1
M Teleportation Scroll (21 Scroll)x1
L Chakram (22 projectile)x1
L Divine Mark (34 ring)x1
L Ancient Horn (41 music)x3
M Obelisk Charm (22 amulet)x1

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