Need Advice on Revive team

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Re: Need Advice on Revive team

Postby Deanna » Fri Feb 02, 2018 6:47 pm

Shiroe wrote:
Deanna wrote:I even think to go 75% energetic since 25% from raids not a big deal to me I'm not in top-top city. More space for loot items on some heroes.

I'm a bit confused there... The mayor reason to go revive team is that even with 90% healer you're stuck with a 33.6 hour injury time on horns quest and without 100% energetic rest times there are equally annoying (I'm running with an oddball 90% healer, no energetic team there now (for rest that's equivalent to 90% energetic) and I think my rest times are 8-9 hours) , so revive plus only 75% energetic would be horrific there.
For raid the rest/injury times are way less impactful than for horns questing. (got 5 min rest, 24 min injury timers on my 90% healer/no energetic teams; in upgraded quest slots those timers have expired pretty often when I get to collecting my raid teams)

edit: I guess revive also helps those trying to run something like 30k on raid, since of course castle boosting all raid makes injuries per hour go up naturally compared to running without boosting, since you're running more parties/heroes per hour (== more injury dice throws)...

Oh I meant to say that my horns is mastered & I only run it to get some exp for Charlie & Lori. But I see your point - I cant imagine myself how rest/injury time will look with Revive teams since I dont have any yet :) I would probably learn on my mis-takes if i go only 75% energetic. Thank you for your input will same me some time to start crafting more energetic items later

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Re: Need Advice on Revive team

Postby Speadie » Sun Feb 04, 2018 12:59 pm

Non myth required revive teams

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