What to craft?

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What to craft?

Postby Syllo » Mon Dec 26, 2016 10:00 am

So i've been playing for around 3-4 weeks and i'm level 38 at the moment and i've literrlly no idea where to aim.
I barely earn anything from crafting because materials are ridiculous expensive to buy.
I was crafting nordics lute but the low craft time required too much attention so i went for cat's eye which did it's fare share till the latest patch so now i earn around 95% from lucky fusions and 5% if anything from crafting, any tips?
Sorry for bad english, not my native language

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Re: What to craft?

Postby penny_ishname2 » Thu Dec 29, 2016 4:45 pm

It really depends on what kinds of bp's you've unlocked. Instead of focusing on crafting/mastering bp's, up until a certain point your main goal should be to UNLOCK bp's. Make sure you're unlocking golden chests for more blueprints too! That being said, you can make a great deal of money finding items to sell on the Trade House, such as bezerker's axe. Won't sell them to my heroes because I can get a better price on the TH. Try working on the strategy of unlocking blueprints first, the money comes when you get the better items... almost automatically. Start using the trade house to build gold and gem supplies. Do a little research on items that you can easily craft (like your nordic lutes) that sell well on the trade house. You can get a small influx of gems from those alone since they are the precraft for one of the best money items: Wisdom Ocarina. Cat's eye also is a pre-craft item of some value.
You're on the right track!

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