Nov. Update Hotfix and Issues

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Nov. Update Hotfix and Issues

Postby cc_Darkis » Mon Nov 27, 2017 9:05 pm

Hey Folks!

Team is working on getting the hotfix out that fixes some of the issues that have been reported to us. For the packages not having gems and decorations credited properly, the hotfix will resolve that and automatically credit them.

For those having login issues or unable to update (Some android and iOS players and Facebook) this is being worked on and is a top priority for the Team to get resolved ASAP.

For those unable to buy the right package as it is not appearing for you, I'll have an updated posting and process for this shortly.

As for those missing out on the Double XP event, it'll get extended for sure.



Alrighty guys,

Team is working away on the Facebook login issue and hoping to have resolved today as it's pretty critical to get resolved.

The update should be rolled out to just about everyone but if not, please try manually updating in the app store as that should fix it.

If you lost your account please try the sync option in the game menu/settings and if not, contact support right away.

As for those not seeing the package, we will have to have you contact support and we can get it credited for you and make up for the inconvenience that is causing.

The missing decorations and gems will be fixed in the hotfix so please be patient till then^^

We are aware of the reports about the enchanting feature so I'll have an update about that shortly!

***Latest Update***

Facebook should be coming online now or shortly as well the hot Fix folks.
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