Past Week issues means it's time for some Player Appreciation!

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Re: Past Week issues means it's time for some Player Appreciation!

Postby cc_Darkis » Tue Jul 11, 2017 4:23 pm

Abqu wrote:You missed my point, Tk, but I appreciate the kind words. Thank you.

While I appreciate your comment posting there, it was clearly not directed at you.

The package was a planned deal few months overdue but I already STATED that it would be including a more robust offering overall tied with NEW EVENTS that you WOULD NOT see all at once if left up to the old set up.

Understand that bit if you would and stop trying to twist things to the ''Oh you were already doing something just sweeping it under the rug with last weeks issues'' bit.

Take a GOOD look at the locked threads and you know very well why they are locked. Sorry if you don't like the rules when they are enforced after months of letting folks scape by insulting staff and taking their frustrations to unseen chaotic heights.

The only attacks that have been made is from a few players vs the Staff/Company and that is one sided. I seriously hope you do not plug the Speadie Cheater thing, that argument was already defeated pretty easily recently.

While you do a lot, the core forum group you speak of is not even representative of anyone but your selves and it's very one sided.

About the Discord stuff, you guys have your own problems there hence why I stay out of it. You know very well why there are other groups in different channels as they want something different and a change to how toxic the chat was beforehand with the company attacks and even on each other.

I know that first hand due to the amount of support tickets we get. I really do not want to hash all that stuff out to prove a point that we both already know won't paint things pretty for chat.

Two players have been perma banned in game and for good reasons. Stop with the mass hysteria push you have regarding this stuff.

A few locked threads hashing out the same rise against the machine and a removed thread is beyond ridiculous to start with the sky is falling rhetoric at this point.

It's time to MOVE on from this stuff, enjoy the news that's actually coming out now and enjoy the events coming.

If anyone wants to share their frustrations, send me a pm (but don't go overboard with language etc) and no matter how harsh or negative it may be, no forum/ingame action will be taken. That's my promise.


P.S That's my final posting on the matter and I will remove future postings trying to ''hash things out'' on threads. Send a PM or drop the issue.
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