SH News, Updates and a Message from Your CM

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SH News, Updates and a Message from Your CM

Postby cc_Darkis » Fri Jun 23, 2017 7:56 pm

Greetings Folks!
Taking the time to reach out and give everyone a fair heads up on those pesky Update Notes that seem to be missing more often than not here.
Well...they are indeed missing yet again! (You guys got me! Darn!)
No I’m not trying to poke fun at the situation but I am trying to lighten the mood surrounding it for the most part.
What I can do right now is share with you some detailings into what is going on, a few of my thoughts here and there, and what’s next week have in store.

Let’s start this out right away about the Update.
Clearly there isn’t one today and that is a real disappoint to you guys and myself.
If you don’t recall, I am an active player and have done my best to ensure I suffer through all the pain points you guys have had so I can understand where you're coming from and why it matters.
I don’t think I can fully relate if I didn’t do so at the end of the day. Just wouldn't be cool.
Currently we are working on the Updates for July/August and I do not have a ‘Set Date’ on when we will have everything done to a stage worth sharing out.

But that isn’t good enough. Transparency. A word often used and less delivered upon. Right?!
Pretty Guilty on that end myself and many of us here on the Team at Cloudcade, can agree on that as a whole.
We are working out the Updates right now (to be honest we have been for the past few weeks) and we have had to make some adjustments to our expectations for things big and small.
The Updates are a collaborative effort between the Teams (From Product/Community/Design etc.) with the Heads of the Studios Signing off on what makes the cut at the end of the day.
I want to make that clear for folks so there's no misunderstanding and there is no one sole person to blame if things don’t go down the road we wanted.
I had a fair amount of things pushed into what we would like to see worked on and added into the game not make the cut for a lot of reasons.
I’ll be going into what those are and the reasons why next week so everyone can have a better understanding of why, the process and what comes next.
With that being said, I’ll open up the next round of feedback threads after every case of this so we can dial in together to come up with what we would like to see added, changed or improved upon.
The current threads have ran their course and the feedback was overwhelmingly amazing for everyone on the Team to see.
If that is how it goes down every time with you guys then we seriously need to up our game!

In the mean time, those threads are locked and will serve as a bit of reference for folks if they choose to read them.
Closing this part out, I’ll have things to share next week when the time is right and you will have your chance to provide your thoughts, air out any concerns you may have and just chat about what you read.
Some News…
Expect to see some news on what’s been going down for the last 3 or so months on the development front.
Diving into it should shed some light into why there’s been so many delays and how impacting it’s been getting things on track afterwards.
I can say it’s great stuff and it opens up a new path for Shop Heroes and fans that have yet to know they love our game.

A few thoughts….
It’s been a long week for many and even longer last few months.
I appreciate that and I’m glad for everything you all contribute from Pixie’s Raid events, folks like Kim! helping out in the world chats (there’s a lot of folks that do and deserve a high five as well, just take a look at yourself and know it’s been appreciated) and more.
Don’t ever stop doing that and enjoy the game, the community and your friends!
Peace out until next week,
"Cauldron is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."~river#44249 :D
"Gems of Shop Heroes are like diamonds of real life."~Prometheus :o

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