Prepare for Battle! The Arena is coming! FAQ

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Prepare for Battle! The Arena is coming! FAQ

Postby cc_Tadaaah » Mon Jun 06, 2016 1:32 pm

Hi ShopKeepers,

We're happy to introduce the new Arena! Gear up and head out!

What is The Arena?

The Arena is a place to compete in leagues in order to climb your way up the rankings and earn EPIC rewards in a small fast paced asynchronous battle! The Arena tutorial will be unlocked at level 7 once you recruit Clovis.
Assemble your team of 5 heroes to compete against other shopkeepers team by selecting a hero to fill each square. Each match is composed of 5 1v1 match-ups and the winner is the shopkeeper with most wins.

Additionally, you'll start with 3 tickets for Ranked play and earn a new ticket every 8 hours. Tickets will also be available for gems. The goal is to win matches until you have 3 losses and earn Crown Jewels and Mystery Bags. You can win up to 7 times per Ranked play.

There are two types of Arena match-ups: Ranked and Free play.

Leveling up your Castle will unlock more heroes for the Arena. Each hero has access to 3 new abilities that you unlock by completing their story quests and every match-up compares both heroes' power after abilities activation and the highest wins.

Where do I access The Arena?

You can enter the Arena from your Inn by tapping on the sword and staff icon to the left.

How do I more Heroes for The Arena?

Invest in your Castle for it to level up and unlock more heroes for the Arena. Tap on ""Unlocks"" to see what the Castle will unlock next!

What is FREE Play?

This is the No Risk No Reward Game, meaning you can battle as many times as you want but gain nothing.
This feature help tests your strategy to use in Ranked Play.

What is Ranked Play?

Ranked Play is a mode in which you will compete against other players in order to earn Honor. Here, you will compete in a series of matches until you win 7 times or lose 3. You can earn your way up the ranks and obtain streak prizing in Ranked Play. Here you will also earn Crown Jewels!

Use free play to test out Hero Abilities and use them to the full extent here!

How does the Honor ranking system works?

Your ranking in The Arena is determined by the honor you gain (from wins) and you lose (from losses) from Ranked matches.
The higher your honor is the higher the league you are in and leagues determine the rewards you reap from ranked play. Currently, there are 26 leagues and 4 streak prizes.

What are Crown Jewels?

You can customize your city's buildings by using Crown Jewels which you can earn by doing the weekly City Raids and The Arena. Spend them to unlock additional art and permanent upgrades on your city buildings.

Only one Crown Jewel boost can be applied to each building except for the Castle. The Crown Jewels will provide the buildings with bonuses similar to boosts but a smaller, permanent version. You will only have to pay once to gain the bonus forever and only the mayor can spend the Crown Jewels for a city.

We may implement more items to spend Crown Jewels on in the future.

When are Crown Jewels awarded for The Arena?

Crown Jewels are awarded after you complete a Ranked Play Run.

What are Hero Abilities?

Heroes have access to 3 new abilities (red icons) that you unlock by completing their story quests to help you with The Arena. Every match-up compares both heroes' power after abilities activation and the highest wins. Players must choose ONE (1) ability from the Ability tab of the hero menu to be used in each battle.

How do I earn the Champion's Bag?

This is only available in the highest league and this new bag is the equivalent of the Primal Chest.

How do I unlock Hero Abilities?

Unlock your hero's ability by finishing their personal quests. Each part of the hero's story will unlock another ability!

How many Ranks are there in The Arena?

Ranks determine the rewards you reap from Ranked Play. There are 26 Ranks. The higher your honor is the higher Rank you will achieve.

Is item breakage in the Arena permanent?

Item breakage is temporary in the Arena. After each battle (match), your items will return to their normal state.

Do item skills apply to the arena?

Currently, item skills do not apply to the Arena. All quest skills are indicated by BLUE icons. All Arena abilities are represented by RED icons. Item abilities may be added in the future.

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